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  • Relax Walking on Horseback

    900 - 1550 грн 4 minutes

    Suitable for children or groups of people

    You'll be informed about basic commands and also try to feed horses with apples or carrots. Our instructor will walk near you and hold the horse on the loop, so you'll feel safe on horseback. We will ride nice green path and you'll fully enjoy your horse trip.

  • Best Fascinating Routes

    120 - 330 USD 60 minutes

    Individual or for couples

    The route partly consists of the village path, field and forest. This offer is a good choice for those who want to try self-riding and accommodate themself to horse movements. During the trip we will make several pit stops in the clearings for a little horses' refreshment. There also will be some hills, so you'll get real pleasure from riding up and down. This option will be your best horse trip.

  • Horseback Riding Lessons

    1800 - 15000 грн 60 minutes

    For children and adults

    You'll learn about communication between a horse and a rider and get all information for beginners during the first 10 lessons. We recommend to book such durations: 40 min for children till 7 years old, 60 min for 8 y.o. children and adults, 90 min for those who would like to try ourlonger riding paths.

  • Professional Photoshoot with Horses

    300$ - 600$ 60 minutes

    Photographer is included

    Our own friendly, bilingual and professional local photographer will take pictures of you with up to 5 horses and portraits separately. The well-mannered horses will perform for you: trapezium; shoulders down; a bow; leg forward; Spanish walk; a rear. There'll be possible to change several locations and clothes for the pictures.

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